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August 21 | From Big Stuff to Small(er) Stuff

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Today felt like a turning point here on the kitchen adventure, for several reasons, some of which you can see for yourself:


Looking back from the addition. In the view above, you can see how far things have come, starting with the floor, which is down to the absolute basics: the old planking nailed on the bias to the floor joists. All of the old floors are gone. Demo in the old kitchen is just about complete, and you can see some lath and studs showing in the background. You can also see Marie and Lucy, perched on the landing just outside the door (that’s a temporary construction door, don’t worry). Marie is sitting on her favorite shoe box, which fits perfectly in that space. The hole in the floor is where the downdraft vent used to be for the old stove…the opening helped the radiator guys (Rainbow Heating Co.) run the copper pipe over to the radiator location (which is just behind the temp door). If you look up, you can see the box for one of the pendant schoolhouse lights that will hang there.


One element of the turning point today is that the subs arrived in earnest. The electrician (Coho Electric) arrived and hung all the boxes for switches, plugs and lights. He’s ready to run wire on Wednesday, after we make a few more decisions about fans and lights. The plumbers moved in just after lunch and have pretty much roughed in all the new plumbing. They’ll be back next week to collaborate with the boring contractor who will be drilling a new supply line from the street into the house, and then they’ll pull a bunch of the old galvanized out. The roofer was here this morning and finished shingling the new roof. The radiator guys finished their rough in and will be back once the floor is in place to set the radiator in place and make sure everything is operating OK. Dan the cabinet maker was here today (now that the inside is looking so tidy and accessible) to take measurements for his shop drawings, which we get to take a look at next Tuesday. David came today and hauled out a huge trailer of junk, making it look a little tidier around here. And today was Jeffrey’s last day on the job, so he left notes and ideas for the subs, and for his replacement Sergei, some of the notes literally written in Sharpie right on the walls. Thank you, Jeffrey, for your hard work to get the job this far. We have enjoyed working with you and learning from you.


The new look. Marie and Lucy soak up some peace and quiet in the late afternoon on the landing just outside the kitchen door. This shot shows four of the five windows (the other one is around the corner to the left). The stairs will come straight out toward the backyard from the landing. Restored brackets will go back up when the siding goes on. The windows will go in next week. Siding could start anytime after that. Also, check out the huge spider web just to the left of the roof peak. Looks like Charlotte has been busy!



Northwest Corner. Here’s another view that shows how the addition relates to the house. See the water spigot in the middle of the short wall on the addition? We’re also contemplating mounting a light (or at least wiring a box) into that wall up high. Roof vents are in up above. The fascia boards still have training wheels because they haven’t been trimmed yet, which will likely happen after the permanent (old) brackets get put back in place.


So, major progress in a short time. Six weekends ago, we were out there tearing the old deck off. Now, it’s built, roofed, plumbed, wired, heated (almost) and ready for the smaller, tighter, cleaner pieces like cabinetry, windows, cabinets, tile, lighting fixtures, etc. Plumbing should be pretty far along next week. Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, where we’ll approve the shop drawings. We also need to finalize our exhaust fan needs. We’ll map out the audio system early next week and hopefully get that network installed. Sheetrock gets delivered next Friday. The windows should be in by then too. We’ll be moving out of our room for a couple weeks starting on Monday to make room for the guys to install a shear wall of plywood where the door into the kitchen is now, and to demo the plaster and lath behind the bathroom sink to replumb those supply lines without having to cut through the tile in the bathroom. I think it’s about to get messier (or at least dustier) around here. Lots of moving parts, and some important decisions to be made yet. You’re going to have to look a little closer to see the progress now as we enter this stage of the job.


Written by Doug

August 21, 2009 at 8:49 pm

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